Stars are fixed luminous points in the night sky & they are much like our brilliant clients. We care about what they care about so their intentions always shine bright. Check out a few below:


Arts Workshop

A long-standing space in the community, Creative Arts Workshop (CAW) is an educational and cultural resource center located in the heart of one of Connecticut’s most prestigious arts districts. CAW offers a variety of visual arts workshops to the community including: drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, fiber and pottery. 


Kicking off a new season of amazing courses, free art exhibits and cool programs, CAW wanted to put a spin on how they engage community online.


Professional development is important in any industry but in many cases they're still a hard sell. Thats because many think workshops are cruel and unusual punishment but CAW takes a fresh new innovative approach making them memorable learning experiences.  


How do you convince successful professionals that you can teach them a thing with...Art?

YOU SHOW THEM! You need content that says it all without giving it all away. 

Here at Aligning we use cinematic story telling techniques that truly capture the essence of what it's like to participate in a Creative Arts Workshop. If you think this content is good, wait until you and your team try out a CAW program. 


District (DIVC)

District Innovation Center is a thriving 9+ acre campus that gives Silicon Valley vibes. It's an entrepreneur's paradise with amenities like trail access, a beer garden, a kayak launch, a chain restaurant, two fitness centers, and soon to be a creative production studio. Still, with all that District's co-working imprint has to offer, Drive elected to highlight something more important. The people. The innovative go-getters that occupy the facility. 


District reached out to us to help revive their campaign to share community stories. 


We came up with a solution that would not only share stories but serve as content that drives revenue for District and the featured business owner. Win, Win, Win!

Drive Cowork



District is a an amazing company housing great talent and new ideas. They were genius in deciding to focus on the people rather than the stuff. When they noticed that their introspective campaign wasn't garnering the traction expected, they knew it was time to pause and pivot. The plan was spot on, but the approach needed a few adjustments.

Like truly great companies do, they saw opportunity in a weakness and that's when

we began to Align.

No actors, real people doing real things. That was our approach. We created an organic video campaign that put the entrepreneurs to the forefront and everything else that needed to surface did. We ended up with content that left audiences informed and inspired to take action to learn more about the coworking space. The added benefit is that the content is bilateral and timeless, giving both The District and its partners opportunities to catch new inquires and increase brand awareness.

Faith Acts For Education 

Faith Acts for Education is a faith-based non profit organization that fights for the fair education of underprivileged students of Connecticut. In a short time, they've raised over a million dollars and impacted real legislative change that resulted in $400K increased funding for local schools.

Being small in company size and big in impact can sometimes leave growth efforts unattended since all hands on deck are focused on the work at hand. Faith Acts needed a partner to focus on translating their noble messaging to the public and potential partners. 

Faith Acts needed no help with their systems but with their coverage and outreach opportunities. We integrated content marketing to their mix. 



Visible Action

Faith Acts set out to do two things. One was to create a state wide coalition with religious leaders and the other was to get as many people to vote in the local and national election as possible.

We offered a very simple solution to assist in achieving both goals. Let the people see. We increased coverage of the amazing things that were taking place in this wonderful organization. We highlighted the dedicated staff and the people they are serving.

We compiled this raw footage with the intent to weave together and tell their amazing story which was sure to compel others to act. We showed members carrying out their mission as well as leadership explaining and reinforcing their core efforts. This resulted in 2 successful video campaigns that boosted engagement and exceeded all anticipated goals set by the organization.

Booker T. Washington Academy

Booker T. Washington Academy is an innovative certified School of Distinction leading the State in many academic standards. Serving students from mostly underprivileged neighborhoods, Booker T’s scores compare to those expected in only affluent areas. After achieving so much in just 4 years, the school decided that exceeding expectations was only the start.


To serve students and families better and to serve as many families as possible. These motivates led the prestigious academy to Aligning. 


We linked up with this great school in a holistic manner providing results that reached even beyond our expectations.

More Impact

Since Booker T. already had the education thing on lock, we decided to support them by expanding their foundational approach.

First things first, we had to address Booker T's commitment to family and students. The school was currently funding an after school program that was eating up a significant portion of the budget. We were able to structure the program in such a way that the school was able to apply for grant funding to defray operational costs and even helped them win a few grants.  


Still there was more work to do. We knew the work Booker T. was doing in the community was literally revolutionary and more people needed to know. We created a marketing campaign that highlighted the work Booker T. was doing through a series of short videos that focused on the stakeholder.


The outcome was unimaginable. The program was funded and the marketing campaign sparked an investment that would position the school to become a charter network.


The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is one of the largest non-profits in Connecticut and gives over $20 million annually to support communities and initiatives. Since 1928 their purpose rests in creating positive and sustainable change. For decades they've created opportunities for folks to contribute to causes that they are passionate about.

When it come to the disadvantaged The Community Foundation has taken the conversation beyond just giving, and supporting, and on to including. They understand that economic inclusion is critical to combat many serious social issues. They are definitely 'Woke'! 



The Community Foundation wanted to take this idea of community deeper by shedding light on the issues around diversity and inclusion that often are overlooked. The Convening 2019 was a strategic gathering of a large diverse group of people to have a real conversation about inclusive growth. That opportunity is rare and deserves the audience of more than just those in attendance. In order to avoid a "You had to be there" situation we captured the entire experience. We were able to able to also create short form content like recaps and videos clips that work well on social media and fundraising efforts. The greatest benefit is that these videos will live on forever spreading the message as the conversation continues.

Health Venture

HealthVenture is a leading global foundry innovation center and investment fund. They take big ideas and help make them BIG ideas. Heavy hitters in the health tech space with strong connections to Yale, HealthVenture founders are dedicated to cultivating an environment that makes it difficult for potential to fail. HV offers investment, training, mentorship, workspace, and access to venture capitalists. It's that type of wrap around support has not only helped launch successful tech firms but also is reshaping the economy in an entire state. Believing technology has the power to impact and penetrate markets that are typically underserved by advancements in medicine and allied health opportunities, HealthVenture provides support to entrepreneurs for digital solutions to traditionally underserved.

The Hub

By leveraging strategic partnerships with top institutions and experts around the world, HealthVenture takes digital health solutions on a global scale. Ideas go from ideation to product launch with vertical support. Health Haven Hub, dubbed, 'The Hub', is like a little sister of HV and provides programming support to early and seed stage start ups with with a focus in the health care sector. The Hub has opportunities like bootcamps and cash prize pitch events regularly.  They engage entrepreneurs by creating an ecosystem for collaborative learning and chances to enhance innovation. Great things are happening there we are just that eye on the beautiful painting that seems to be watching.

Its All About The Story

We create social content that makes your audience feel like they were there in the flesh. We help make content that brings your people on a journey. Instigram and Facebook stories are great for memorializing moments and creating time capsules. We've worked with many different brands across industries and one thing for sure is that its all about the story. 




The Stars