Inside + Out


Guiding brands of all sizes to relevant & sustainable solutions is our passion.

For us, it's about providing the best experiences and desired outcomes. Inspired by humans, Informed by data. ALIGN WITH US

Video Production

Creating visuals that connect is crucial. With over 1 billion hours of video being watched a day on YouTube alone, it's clear that any business that is serious about being competitive should consider adding video content to their toolbox. Our team of video architects will help you construct strong visuals that will improve your social equity as well as your bottom line.



Proactive vs. reactive. Improving your company health and customer experience requires more than what meets the eye. We journey into your brand's purpose to discover the plan for success. Through customized design, assessment and evaluation, we allow data and experience to lead the way while genuine curiosity is our North Star. We also take it a step further by helping you implement strategy through professional development workshops for your staff to impact organizational climate.  

Content Creation

Content is king! And if you don't use it as a part of your overall strategy you are royally skewed! We have a talented team with over 20 years of experience creating content from videography to copy and more. We use compelling story and quality imagery to deliver engaging messaging to your audience. 

Social Media

Over 90% of digital users are on social media and most of them spend over 2 hours a day looking at that little screen. And we're not just talking about Generation Z. The world is there & so should your business. We specialize in translating your mission to your social, making it a superstar in your marketing mix.


Practice improves performance and assessment heightens awareness. We help your team get stuff done better and more often. Aligning your mission with your actual practices ensures victory. We design educational programs, facilitate professional guidance sessions, engaging workshops & provide valuable assessment tools

Funding Optimization

It takes special conditions for a star to shine. With over a million nonprofits in the U.S. alone, many companies with noble causes are underfunded. All grant winners know their mission and can clearly demonstrate how they are making a difference. Our talented research and writing team assists in forging meaningful relationships with funders and like-mind stakeholders. 

The Process

There's the beginning and then there's the end but, all the good stuff is in between. This process is what we hone in on. We break complicated goals down to incremental phases. The future can be designed by a proper plan.  No luck just preparation, passion and will.

Why The 'ing'?


People ask why we added the 'ing' to Align to form ALIGNING. Well, our services encompass elements from all working definitions of align. The thing is though, our brand is alive! In a world where yesterday is outdated we are ever present and active. We don't just help, we are helping. We don't just market, we are marketing. We don't just align, WE ARE ALIGNING. It's a noun and a verb.